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Installing WebDAV on IIS7

Step 1

WebDAV on IIS7 is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocols that allows managing and editing of files on remote World Wide Web servers by multiple users collaboratively. Microsoft has provide a module that can be installed on IIS7 in order to run a WebDAV server. Depending on if you are running Windows 2008 64 bit or 32bit, download either of the installers below:

Microsoft WebDAV 7.5 for IIS 7.0 (x64)

Microsoft WebDAV 7.5 for IIS 7.0 (x86)

Step 2

Once downloaded, simply double-click the installer to run it, and install WebDAV extensions for IIS7. (The Installation has no options, so simply click ‘Next’ and then ‘Finish’ once it has completed.


Step 3

After Installation, open IIS Manager, expand the ‘Sites’ seciton and select the site to which you would like to add WebDAV. Select the ‘WebDAV Authoring Rules’ feature.


Step 4

Under the ‘Actions’ pane, click on ‘Enable WebDAV’ to activate WebDAV for the site.


Step 5

Now that it is enabled, Authoring Rules must be added to allow users to interact with it. We will provide an authoring rule as follows. Click on the ‘Add Authoring Rule…’ in the task pane.


Step 6

The following rules would allow all machine Administrators full access over the entire WebDAV site:


Step 7

Click ‘OK’ to establish the rule. In order to properly access and authenticate to the WebDAV site, you’ll need to ensure Windows Authentication is enabled. Under the same website control panel, select ‘Authentication’.


Step 8

Under Authentication, ensure ‘Windows Authentication’ is enabled.


Step 9

Back at the website home, select ‘Authorization Rules’. (Note: If there isn’t an ‘Authorization Rules’ option, ensure the ‘URL Authorization’ role service is installed under the IIS Web Server features in Server Manager)


Step 10

The default IIS Rule allowing all users access to the web content will be enough for WebDAV. If for some reason it is not present, you can add a rule manually allowing only the Administrator users. Select ‘Add Allow Rule…’ from the Action pane.


Step 11

Check the button next to ‘Specified roles or user groups’, and enter ‘Administrators’.


Step 12

Click ‘Ok’ to add the role.

In order to access the WebDAV site, the best and easiest methodology would be to map it as a network drive. Instructions for such can be found in our knowledgebase here:

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