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Server to Server File Transfer using UNC Pathing

This is a basic basic guide on using ‘UNC Paths’ to transfer data between two servers by direct IP Address connection.

Pre-Transfer Checklist:

Make sure the following ports are open on both servers for the process. (Best practices would have you restrict access to these ports). By default, these ports are usually only open to the Private Network.

  • TCP Port 445
  • TCP Port 137
  • TCP Port 139
  • UDP Port 137
  • UDP Port 138

To establish the File Sharing connection, you will need to Remote Desktop to a server, which we’ll refer to as ‘Target‘ – the machine where you will be downloading the data TO.

Open the run command (Start > Run, or merely type in the Search Bar in 2008+)

Enter the following:


In this situation, will be replaced with the IP Address (preferably Private IP, if both servers are on the Server Intellect network) of your SOURCE Server, where you plan to download data FROM.

See this example:


Once you hit ‘Okay‘ or ‘Enter‘, you will shortly be prompted with a log in box, requesting credentials. Here, you will need enter the Administrative credentials of the SOURCE server.

Once you successfully enter the Administrative credentials, an explorer window should appear, displaying the contents of the Root of the C:/ drive for the SOURCE server. From here, you can now begin to copy and paste, or drag and drop files, to the location you wish on the TARGET server, which you are connected to via Remote Desktop.

This same process can be applied to other drives by changing the syntax slightly:

For the D: drive:


For the E: drive:


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