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2008 Windows Backup Service

The following article will cover how to use the Windows 2008 Server Backup Service. This service, properly used, will allow you to backup the contents of you Operating System drive. Once completed, you will be able to retrieve individual files or completely restore your operating system from this backup.

Step 1

To access the service, click on ‘Start’, then ‘Administrative Tools’, and finally ‘Windows Server Backup’. A screen like the one below will come up.


Step 2

Click on ‘Backup Scheduler’ and the next window will come up.


Step 3

Click ‘Next’ and then select ‘Custom’ from options and then click ‘Next’ again.


Step 4

On this window, select the volume to be backed up and make sure the other volume is unchecked and then click ‘Next’.


Step 5

Your next task will be to decide how often and at what times each day you wish to create a backup. We have set ours to once a day at 9:00 PM. Once you have completed this, click ‘Next’.


Step 6

Next, we will need to select the disk to backup to. Click ‘*******’ and then select the volume to backup to. NOTE: This process will format the drive you are using as a destination drive so make sure all data from that drive is safe.Once this is done, click ‘Next’



Step 7

You may also see the below error. As long as the drive is the same size as the one you are backing up or bigger, this will not be an issue.


Step 8

Click ‘Finish’ to confirm the completion of the operation.


Step 9

And the format and backup will begin.


Step 10

And this will complete the process.


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