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Cloud Hosting for Small Businesses

Cloud Hosting Plays Key Role for Small Businesses

When starting a business from scratch, it can be a very expensive and time-consuming process. From the various tax forms …

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Cloud Hosting For Disaster Recovery

The Benefits of Using Cloud Hosting for Disaster Recovery Purposes

Over the last year and a half, people all over the world have faced the devastating consequences of natural and …

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Ways that Cloud Hosting can Help Your Business

How can cloud hosting help your business? Many individuals are still unfamiliar with what cloud computing is, how it functions …

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Mixing Cloud Hosting with Current IT Infrastructures

Since the cloud hosting discussion began, two main campshave emerged. The first camp believes cloud computing is an absolute must. …

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Public Cloud Hosting Solutions: Email

Our blog gives us the opportunity to put some of our services into perspective and explain them more in depth. …

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Cloud Hosting: the Importance of Planning Ahead

Companies across all industries are making the switch to cloud hosting solutions because of the many benefits the platform has …

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Small Australian Businesses Adopting Cloud Computing

Cloud computing was first embraced by large businesses and corporations that saw the value in relocating and streamlining their IT …

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Gartner Announces SaaS Revenue and Adoption Worldwide

Mid-September Gartner announced the various revenue and adoption statistics for regions and countries worldwide, as well as the projected reasoning …

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Dedicated Server Hosting used for Gaming

Sick and tired of your game glitching and jumping on you during game play? Instead of relying on your wireless …

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How Cloud Hosting Relates to Server Hosting

If you’ve been paying attention to the tech world buzz lately, then you’ve certainly heard a lot of talk about …

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SQL Server 2012: A new way to host databases in the Cloud

Deep in the heart of Alaska stands a mountain known to some Native Americans as ‘Denali’; its peak the highest …

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